Journal information: Future issues of Just

2.1 Language Rights and Regimes and Language Policies: An International Perspective
Deadline (full papers): December 1st, 2022

2.2 Ideologies & Language Rights Meet (and Clash) 
Deadline (full papers): May 1st, 2023

3.1 Interpreting for Vulnerable Populations 
Deadline (full papers): November 1st, 2023

3.2 Gender and ethnolinguistic lawfare 
Deadline (abstracts): April 1st, 2023

4.1 Language Rights in Education 
Deadline (full papers): October 1st, 2024

4.2 Beyond the European Charter of Regional and Minority Languages 
Deadline (full papers): March 1st, 2024

5.1 The Crossroads between Language Rights and Technology 
Deadline (full papers): October 1st, 2024