Language policies for social justice — Translation, interpreting, and access

Vol 1, No 1-2

Language policies for social justice
Special issue
Edited by Christopher D. Mellinger & Esther Monzó-Nebot


Cover Page

Vol 2, No 1

Rights, Language Regimes, and Language Policy: An International Perspective
Special issue
Guest edited by Juan Jiménez-Salcedo & Jacqueline Mowbray
Issue 2 (2) of Just. Journal of Language Rights & Minorities, Revista de Drets Lingüístics i Minories

Vol 2, No 2

Ideologies & Language Rights Meet (and Clash)
Special issue
Edited by Rafael Castelló-Cogollos & Esther Monzó-Nebot


Vol 3, No 1

Interpreting for Vulnerable Populations
Special issue
Edited by Lucía Ruiz Rosendo & Conor H. Martin

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